Sep Gerritsen

Sep Gerritsen


Het laatste word/ the Final request

A musical legend. During my study I developed a radio program for terminal ill people and the people who will stay behind. Not everyone is a good writer, storyteller or illustrator. But nevertheless there are a lot of terminal sick people who would like to hand out something personal to the people they care about after they die.

So how does it work?

The Final request is 2 hour long program. Based on a selection of 12 personal pictures the guest will choose 12 songs that remind him or her to the time period of the picture. They would also just talk about what could be seen on the pictures. The program was not too heavy, so it could have been musical cocktail of Schlagermusik, Shostakovich or Snoop Dog, whatever the guest wants.

I’ve made a pilot-episode with Stephan den Broere. The entire program could be listened to at the WDKA Graduation Expo. On the fragment here, you hear Stephan and me talking about his fascination about Mongolia and his attempt to do some serious Mongolian throat-singing.



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