Sep Gerritsen

Sep Gerritsen


Mi casa su Casa Rosso

1Attracted by the unknown Willem Hofstede and I decided to check out the ruins of Casa Rosso. Casa Rosso used to be famous brothel Arnhem’s red-light district, the second largest Red-light district in the Netherlands.

We entered a surreal world: a burned down building as the core, divided in many small “work” rooms filled with the remaining old king-size beds, clothing cabinets full with stuffed clothes and walls covered with erotic pictures. Willem and I entered the place several times. Always careful and focused like a SWAT-team. We noticed that place was taken over by junkies and illegal immigrants, who use the location as a place to sleep during the night.

During one of our visits we found the personal belongings from some of the prostitutes who used to work at the brothel. Photoalbums with the pictures teared apart, letters from one of the hookers while living in Africa and waiting to come over and work there, but also pictures of Christmas celebrations. All of this made us decide to go a bit deeper in the subject the prostitutes life during their time at Casa Rosso and their life after it.

To be continued.


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