Sep Gerritsen

Sep Gerritsen


Arie and Japie

Perhaps the most famous twin-pigs in the Netherlands.


Yes, it’s true. I raised two pigs in the city centre of Rotterdam together with Rotterdamse Oogst and 15 other urban farmers. The Idea was to bring food closer to the consumer. The majority of people in a metropole like Rotterdam don’t really know what they eat and also don’t really know what it takes to get some sausage on a plate. For me personally it was also the huge ethical dilemma: Can I eat something, that I have raised myself? And if not, should I then become a vegetarian?

Having two pigs in the middle of the city was really amazing. The place turned into a meeting point for locals and interested people (who also brought food) for Arie and Japie. There was a small kids-club and some information and debate nights organized in the city. During the project we got media attention for the Dutch national news programs, children TV programs and also a couple of newspapers. Even famous Dutch singer-songwriters wrote an hommage to Arie and Japie.

At the beginning of the project many people were sceptical about having pigs in the city, but at the end those same people where against eating them. We divided the meat equally, some of it went to restaurants and stores in the neighbourhood and a fair share went to the Foodbank.

Oh and yes… I ate the meat of Arie and Japie. Best meat ever! But I did make me realize to buy only quality meat from now on. T.b.c.

Fragment by VPRO/Beestieboys





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